Soeveryone is familiar with this iconic line thanks to Meryl Streeps role in the 2006 movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. And just like a boomerang, the floral print trend is making a comeback (as it does every Spring), so lets not pretend to be shocked.

florals meryl streep devil wears prada

Spliced floral, or patchwork floral, is the new black; for this spring, that is. So lets move on from our plain-Jane floral print, and let spliced floral take the center-stage.

Spring is the only season where the mantra less is moredoesnt apply in the fashion industry. With the weather transitioning from the cold to warm and gay summers, the wardrobe calls for a similar transition. After all, no one cares if your winter coat is Gucci. Its just another coat.

Hence, the question now arises: What is spliced floral and how do I look like I just got off of the runway?

If you are looking for a definition of spliced floral, I think you should just take a look at your grandmothers quilt. Thats splicing. It is basically a patchwork of different floral prints that somehow doesnt look like youre wearing said quilt. Think Japanese blooms, wallpaper prints and ditsy floral all came together and joined their forces to create something that is ultra-chic and oozes femininity.

floral prints summer spring style guide india

To tackle this trend head-on, you need to be carefree. Indians are never one to shy away from prints and loud colors. And summers in India calls for a vibrant trend like this.

So theres no need to be overly conscious about pulling this trend off.

The only thing to keep in mind while indulging in it, is to keep the spotlight on your outfit; or in other words, dont go cray-cray with your accessories, make-up and hair. With too much going on with your outfit, its pretty easy to look shabby instead of a model. So focus on one thing and one thing only: your bohemian floral print.

You can find many options in dresses think maxis, off-shoulders, midis, minis and wrap dresses which you can pair with sneakers (for casual outings) or wedges (for brunches). However, if you are one to experiment, pair a 80s inspired floral pants with a floral print camisole top and throw in a solid colored belt for good measure.

You can also opt for floral embroidered denim jackets, jeans and skirts. And if you want to be subtle with your floral-mania, you can always pick out an embroidered bag or a pair of shoes, instead of wearing it in the form of clothes.

This spring, like every other, go all out on floral. But remember to splice it up.

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