Gone are the days when loud and perky trends were all we saw, be it on our Instagram feeds or the local mall. The ‘minimalist’ trend is taking the world by a storm, and not only the fashion industry. So the basic question arises: What is minimalist fashion (and how can I get on the trend-wagon)?

Minimalism was actually an art movement that began after the Second World War. Artists like Donald Judd, Frank Stella and others embraced reducing modernist paintings into objective art.

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The movement lead to a rise in a different kind of aesthetic — one that is simple, and yet beautiful. The basis of minimalism is straight-forward: it is a promotion of things you most value and the removal of everything else. Or in other words, less is more.

Hence, minimalism in fashion is the implementation of the mantra “less is more”.

But “less is more” doesn’t mean that you throw out all your clothes and keep only a handful of pieces, like you might often see on Pinterest. No. It means that you only keep the stuff you wear on a regular basis. Something that says “This best represents me as a person”.

Minimalist thinking should suit your lifestyle, how your mind works. It is not all black and white clothes, with the only pop of colour being navy. Even Anna Wintour doesn’t approve of all-black outfits. And there’s no Minimal-Fashion-Rule Book stating that colours are a big no.

When you think of minimalist fashion, think of a clean, monochrome colour palette and simple yet tailored, sophisticated pieces. Definite lines and silhouettes will make the outfit stand out in the crowd. Think of something that exudes power, normalcy and a put-together vibe all at the same time.

Envisioning this trend is the most important step to imbibing it. For more tips on being a minimalist fashionista, read our other blog. Now that we can envision this trend, let’s see why it is on the rise.

The Rise of Minimal Fashion

Minimal fashion is actually a fool-proof way of looking like you just left your stylist’s office and the world is now your runway. Which is why it is gaining popularity amongst all. Celebrities are welcoming this trend with arms wide open.

From fashion favourites like Victoria Beckham, Kate Bosworth and Kendall Jenner to tech gurus like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg — everyone is in on the trend. And whenever celebrities get on a trend-wagon, everyone else is likely to follow them.

The trend actually started with creators like Phoebe Philo, Calvin Klein and Raf Simons (when he was appointed to Dior). Plenty of designers then started offering collections that adhere to the foundation of minimalist fashion, namely the Olsen twins with their label The Row, or Victoria Beckham and her eponymous label. And it was only a matter of time till the trends segued from the runway to the streets.

minimalist fashion blog india brandone

It gained prominence because it served as a solution to the days where one sat in front of the wardrobe thinking “I have nothing to wear!”. It diluted the paradox of choice. People no longer had to decide what to wear, will it go together, will it suit the occasion, only to go forth with an outfit half-heartedly.

The trend is simply hassle-free; everything you own is exactly what you need. There is no scope of hoarding unnecessary pieces that become last-season in a matter of months. There is also no scope of overdoing it when everything you own pairs well with each other.

To top that, minimalism is also extremely aesthetically pleasing. The whole vibe it gives off is soothing and elegant. Because there’s not much going on, one looks easy-going and chic at the same time.

So how do you become the minimal fashionista of your dreams? Well, just scroll down for tips, tricks and inspiration.

minimalist fashion blog india brandone

How to adopt the Trend
  • The first and foremost step to being a minimalist is to declutter. In this case, to declutter your wardrobe. Donate everything you haven’t worn — and aren’t planning to wear — in a while. To do this, look at your clothes and segregate them into piles, namely:
  • Basics, which will include the staples of your wardrobe. Neutral toned clothes, black & white t-shirts. shirts and trousers/skirts will form the basics pile.
  • Seasonal, which will include coats and sweaters.
  • Love, which will include things you often wear.
  • Maybe, which will include things you wear occasionally. Pick out the must-haves and quality pieces from this pile and do away with the rest.
  • The No pile will comprise of clothes that you haven’t worn in the last three months. Because if you haven’t, you’re not going to.
  • The second step is to figure out your style. Find out what looks you usually go for: sporty chic, powerhouse, feminine, androgynous. This will give you a clear idea of what to focus on when you next go shopping.
  • The last step is to develop a shopping strategy. Don’t blindly pick pieces you like. Instead, think of whether it suits your personality and would you be able to wear it daily.
  • Create mood boards or wish list.
  • Go for basics and statement/timeless pieces with only a few en vogue
  • Choose quality over quantity. Quality would guarantee that your clothes look elegant for a long time.

minimalist fashion blog india brandone

For Inspiration:

A neutral palette always looks inviting and elegant. To add a fun element to your look wear platform sneakers like Kendall Jenner (in pic), or add a pop of colour in the form of a statement bag.

Pair a suit with a printed white or black t-shirt to give a laid back vibe, as seen on Kate Bosworth (in pic). If you are not one to colour block, go for neutral tones like grey and taupe.


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